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21 thoughts on “PI’s STORY

    • My heart breaks for you for the loss of Pi, Meghan. My eyes started to well up when I was reading.
      I tell my neighbours and friends ALL THE TIME not to tie or tether their dogs anywhere. Too many things can go wrong.
      I also don’t believe in accidents….the groomer should have NEVER left the room if Pi was in the bathtub, never mind that she was literally in a noose! I hope you took/will take legal action!
      My heart is with you and your family.

      • Thank you for your kind words. We appreciate any help in spreading the message.
        Meghan and Mike

  1. Dear Meghan,
    First and foremost I am deeply saddened for your loss of Pi, and although words are comforting they do not remove, or lessen the grief you are facing.
    Although I have not worked in a groomers office before, I have worked in a veterinarians office for over ten years and this type of work habit of leaving a dog/cat under ANY circumstance is completely off the charts ridiculous.

    I have nothing else…just really unbelievable sadness all around.

  2. There are no words to express how sorry I am for your loss. Tears were streaming down my face while reading your story and just imagining how I would have felt! Thanks for sharing your story to help prevent this from happening to other furry friends. Pi’s memory will live always in the hearts of those who knew and loved her!

    • Thank you Donna. We’re doing our best to educate people about the potential danger and make something positive from a tragedy. We appreciate any help passing the word along.
      Meghan & Mike

  3. so sorry for this loss which should have never occurred. any respectable groomer would have NEVER left a dog restrained in a tub!!!! knowing it is not the same to those who do not understand how important a dog becomes in your life imagine this scenario: Child dropped off with sitter, child hesitant but mother leaves any way, sitter leaves child unattended (yet in a precarious situation), child dies unnecessarily. Might seem a bad comparison to some, forgive me for that, but dogs are very important members of our families too! May Pi’s death be a lesson that is passed on and learned for many. 😦

    • Thanks you very much Mia. Please pass the word along and help educate others. We appreciate your kind words.
      Meghan & Mike

  4. I am so sorry for Your Loss. I found out about this because someone else on My Friends List on FaceBook Shared this and I cannot even BEGIN TO IMAGINE what My Life would be like without My 5 Babies!! Mine are Guinea Pigs BUT I’ve had 2 Dogs prior growing up and My Parents have another one NOW!!!!!! I can’t even think of anything else to say but that I am truly, so VERY SORRY for Your loss!! ❤

  5. I would like to add that I have ALSO Shared this and I don’t know why My Parents stopped bringing Dogs to the Groomer and now My Dad does it all but He did. Maybe there was something that happened, although not as bad as this, in one of My Past Dogs Experience(s) with a Groomer, but I still will ask them about this and then tell them WHY I’m asking and let them know it’s because of YOUR Story that it would scare Me and that if I ever had a Dog that had to be groomed where I couldn’t do it, I would MOST DEFINITEY STRESS TO THE GROOMER, THAT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE is My Baby(ies) to be left unattended!!!! Again, I am so sorry for Your loss!! ❤

  6. I would make sure that the groomer is out of business. that is no excuse. to attend to another dog and leave my dog unattended? what the crap are they getting paid for then? they should have rinsed pi and wrap her in a towel THEN tend to another dog.

  7. I heard about your story on the All Things dog blog today and came over to read your words…What a terrible tragedy…You are to be commended for sharing your story in hopes of helping others and saving lives

  8. My heart goes out to you and your loss of your beloved Pi. My dog recently got into a bag on M&Ms when left unattended. I doesn’t look likes he’s going to make it. It really sucks because I feel like if had just paid a little more attention he would be home right now and not at the vet.

      • Mia, we settled with the groomer but unfortunately MO law doesn’t allow for anything more than the replacement of the pet. It sent a message and the groomer has made changes in the way they work so hopefully this will never happen again. Please share our site with your friends and family.

  9. That doesn’t seem fair, to just offer to replace the dog. Pi wasn’t an inanimate object, she was a part of your family. A hospital would never think to just replace a deceased person. You can never make up for, or replace the relationship or the bond you had with a certain pet. It seems sometimes people lose sight of that.

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